Why are people so reluctant to believe the scientific data that supports global warming?



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    It wouldn’t be good for their business and it’s harder to create means of industrialization without harming the environment. It’s just easier to fight against the environmental movement. They also might not understand science as well as the people who argue that global warming is real. There have recently been blizzards across the globe, which would counter the average idea of what global warming is, even though it is expected that there will be periods where the temperature is cooler, and there are periods where the temperature will be warmer. The bottom line is that businesses don’t want to change, they want immediate gratification, and they don’t care what the world will be like fifty years from now.

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    In short, it is easier to continue the status quo than to change course.  People are very accustomed to the luxuries of present day life, and they don’t want to give these up.  Believing that the world is rapidly warming and heading for potential catastrophe would call for action on behalf of all people.  If the problem is dismissed or not acknowledged, no one has to deal with it and no one has to change/give up luxury.  

    Others too, find it hard to conceive that such a huge planet can be hurt by what humans do.  Many view Earth as indestructible, a common misconception.  Our atmosphere and biosphere are very sensitive and fragile.   

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