why are people so against wind projects in the cape?



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    One of the big arguments against Cape Wind are that the wind turbines will ruin the view that is historic and important to the Wampanoag tribes and should be named “traditional cultural property”.  The argument is that the Wampanoag’s sun ritual will be hurt by an obstructed view of the skyline and could disturb ancient burial grounds underwater.  As a result, there is a movement to get the Sound on the National Register of Historic Places.  Skeptics say this is just a tactic by opponents of the project to get it canceled or relocated.  Before this particular movement against Cape Wind, the biggest arguments were that it would ruin the view, hurt tourism, maybe be a problem for navigation and have negative environmental impacts (hurting birds, etc.)

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    The biggest arguments that cape residents had with the wind project was the issue over view obstruction. However, if you see an image of what the windmills would actually look like, this issue seems somewhat ridiculous as it could hardly be said that the view was obstructed. 

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