Why are people so against putting wind power in cape cod?



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    There are a few major issues surrounding Cape Wind: first, that it will spoil a long-admired view that, in the words of Ted Kennedy, “should be off-limits to any industrial development,” like Yosemite National Park.  The proposed project would hurt the view from many historical landmarks along the Cape, it would hurt wildlife (all wind turbines have a negative effect on birds), and it is a trafficked water area so the huge windmills would be complicated with navigation.  There is the fear that it will hurt the fishing industry that is central to Cape Cod.

    The most recent argument many see as a “gimmick”: that all of Nantucket Sound should be preserved as a National Historic Place because of the cultural significance it has to the Wampanoag tribes.  The claim is that it hurts their sun worship by disrupting the view of the sun and that it may disturb ancient burial grounds.  This is seen as a gimmick because it came so late in the argument and generally, the customs and cultures of the Native American tribes have been ignored so in this case it seems they are being used.

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