Why are people so afraid of climate science?

Its going to help us in the long run no matter what.



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    I don’t know that it is really fear, I think it is more distrust, exacerbated by the fact that climate change and it’s prevention is (or at least was at its outset) economically devastating for fuel companies have a lot of financial and political ability to propagandize against legitimate data. I think that this may have had an early affect on the public’s perception of climate science as it was purposefully discredited at it’s outset by organizations that had a lot to lose from the adoption of it’s platform.

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    Many people are “afraid” of science in general because it challenges norms that they have lived with for generations. People who are stubborn and do not open their minds to this scientific knowledge will have a hard time accepting it. Some people also do not like to be told that they are wrong or that they do not know the truth.

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