Why are people hoarding incandescent light bulbs?



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    Four years ago congress voted to phase out incandescent light builbs but the regulations won’t kick in for a few months so shoppers have been hoarding them before they are pulled from stores. The regulations take effect in 2012 so only about a month left until they are gone.

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    Wow! I did not know that congress had voted to phase out incandescent light bulbs! In addition to what haydenseder said, I would like to point out that incandescent light bulbs are necessary for certain appliances. The article mentioned baking a muffin, and if you have ever had one of those easy bake ovens you know that they require a 100-Watt incandescent bulb to work. However, I won’t be sorry to see those go. It was a nice thought to get children interested in baking, but I think that helping a parent around the kitchen is a better idea.

    Lava lamps are another thing that won’t work without an incandscent bulb. Lava lamps take a 25 or 40-watt bulb, depending on the size.

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    The production of incandescent lightbulbs is being ceased in 2012.  I work in a hardware store and we have really seen as increase in the amount of incandescent bulbs purchased recently despite the government rebates on CFL’s (which are being sold for $0.99).  It is becoming more difficult to get them from our suppliers since they have an increased demand for them.  For those people who are afraid that CFL’s and LED’s look too industrial or hospital-like, I suggest purchasing CFL’s or LED’s in soft white – it looks just like incandescent bulbs do.  

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