Why are people growing taller and bigger than ever before?



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    Though some studies have shown that the more prominent and wealthy you are the taller the average child is–vice versa–it did not explain, nor give enough evidence to prove this phenomenon.

    However, what does make more sense and is widely excepted among evolutionists, is that nutrition plays a big factor for the last 150 years. With the growing knowledge on biological development and its stages, we know how to provide ourselves with the appropriate nutrition to maximize our growth potential.


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    This is definitely a result of our advanced diet.  The way we consume food, and the accessibility of it in the first world has a huge factor on the growth patterns of humans, and how growth patterns have changed over time.  As we consume more meat for protein and iron, more milk for calcium, fruits and veggies for vitamins and minerals, etc… we grow larger, and with this larger growth, we breed and sustain larger children and so on and so on…  Evolution will react to our actions as well.

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    Do you think it has anything to do with the hormones they put in our milk?  

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