Why are people afraid of immunizations?



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    Immunizations can be potentially risky for a few people and some believe there is an association between some childhood diseases later on that can potentially be dangerous.

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    Specifically, an increase in autism diagnoses since the 1970s has led many to blame vaccinations.

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    People may also be nervous because some types of immunizations (called active immunizations) introduce a small amount of the foreign molecule (the illness/disease) into the body so that the immune system can recognize and protect from it. The thought of essentially putting a little bit of a sickness into the body might be frightening to some. 

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    Some people are afraid of immunizations for numerous reasons.. The most obvious reason is because some people don’t like needles. I, personally have never gotten use to needles no matter how many times I have been pricked with one.  Although immunizations are meant to protect people from mumps, measles, rubella, hepititis B, polio, tetanus and etc, many cannot help but to still cringe at the thought.

    There are Live, Attenuated Vaccines and Killed, Inactivated Vaccines. From the people I have spoken to they get nervous because they believe that since the vaccines of such contain the weakened virus or dead virus it will be the cause of the sickness. I have heard people say this so many times and that is their excuse every year when it comes time to get the flu shot.

    Word travels and rumors become facts in some people’s minds. As a result, some people refuse immmunization and believe rumors instead of facts as a way to justify avoiding vaccines. Vaccines are developed to prevent infections and illnesses and not to endanger us. It is always best to consult your doctor and if he orders any immunization it is every patient’s best interest to follow doctors’ orders.

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