Why are parking lots so good for solar?



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    Because they’re generally made of dark asphalt or other materials, parking lots can get extremely hot extremely quickly.  Some researchers have put solar panels over parking lots so that the heat can be absorbed both from the sun and from the ground below to generate power.  They also believe that in the future, they may be able to charge electric cars by putting solar panels over the parking lot spaces.  More information is below.

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    Going off the last post, parking lots do retain a lot of residual heat, and there has been talk of having heat capturing technology over parking lots and roads to generate energy from that heat. Another reason parking lots are good for solar power is that it is a perfect place to have a miniature solar farm. There are many parking lots near my home now (mostly government-owned buildings) that have built awnings over all the spaces in the lot to keep cars cool and protected from the weather, and have placed solar panels on top of all the awnings. Though it might be a costly investment, I could see this happening all over in order to maximize our space for solar energy and protect our vehicles at the same time. 

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