Why are palm trees in the tropics?



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    Like every type of animal or plant in the world, palm trees are adapted to a particular climate and habitat where they do well.  They share several traits in common with other trees adapted to a tropical climate, including very large leaves that are great for soaking up sunlight but not so good at resisting cold.  Though it is possible to grow palm trees in temperate areas under artificial conditions, they tend not to do very well in a cold climate.  Like all plants, palm trees have a natural range limited by their tolerance for different temperatures, and the availability of light and water.

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    Most species of palm trees come from tropical regions because they flourish in the particular conditions of such areas. The increased sunlight and heat do not affect the tree’s outer bark so much, and the palm fronds do well at gathering this extra sunlight for photosynthesis. Palm trees also thrive in moist environments like coastal and island regions because most palms demand a lot of water. Without a readily available water source, these popular coastal trees will dry up in a hurry. Believe it or not, there are a few species of palm trees that will do decent in colder weather; look at the link below for the specific species types. 

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