Why are oxygen bars good for you?



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    They might not be. The oxygen bars make the following claims about the positive health effects: inhaling pure oxygen, reduces headaches, alleviates sinus problems, relaxes the body, reduces stress, increases energy, stimulates brain activity, enhances concentration, lessons hangover effects. But the American Lung Association says that a healthy person gets their oxygen quota just from breathing, and a higher oxygen content in their air is unlikely to make any difference. And if an unhealthy person is not getting enough oxygen through normal breathing, they should definitely go to a doctor, not an oxygen bar.

    Oxygen bars can even pose a health hazard, if they use flavored air. Using tiny, food-grade particles to produce the flavor should be fine, but if they use aroma oils, these oils can be inhaled into the lungs and cause inflammation.

    The bottom line is, we have generally evolved to breathe on our own, and a machine is unlikely to do anything for our respiration than a healthy heart and lungs can’t.

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    They’re not good for you so much as they make you feel good. All that extra oxygen makes you feel somewhat heady and buzzed for a short time.

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