Why are our kitchens filled with so many unitaskers?



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    There are two sides to this question. First, there are many options for multi use kitchen tools that accomplish a lot of different tasks, like blenders, mixers, toaster over, spoons, spatulas, knives, pots and pans. But then cooking is many times a very precise art and needs specific tools like a grater, a waffle iron, measuring cups and spoons, and coffee makers (although these can be used as a hot water heater as well). If you are trying to maximize your efficiency then focus on multi use tools and then just get the few uni-task tools that you can’t do without.

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    One reason could be that people are just not aware of the multi tasking tools available on the market.  However, companies also tend to try and make as many different tools as possible for “different” uses because that is one way make big profits.  The more units of the more different kinds of tools the company sells, the more money they make!

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