Why are our children less likely to go hiking now than ever before?



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    I don’t think they are. There might be ebbs and floes of how likely different generations might take to “hiking” but I don’t believe that less do now than “ever before”.

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    With the popularity of video games, it might seem that more children are choosing not to go outside.  Programs such as Leave No Child Inside are gaining influence and both parents and children love them.  The idea behind Leave No Child Inside is to get them outside and exploring: going on camping trips, the beach, planting gardens and other outdoor activities.  These programs center around promoting a healthy childhood and a lifetime of love for the outdoors.

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    Well, this time of year tends to bring snow to many hiking trails across the country.  Cold weather and impassible terrain are often deterrents for would be youth adventurers.  Not to mention the hefty price tag on snow gear needed for winter mountaineering.  Weekly allowance and paper routes can unfortunately not pay for carbon fiber snow shoes and titanium pick axes.

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