Why are organic beauty products more expensive?



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    “Just as healthy nutrient rich organic food is more expensive than the cheap but nutritionally weak food most people consume, organic cosmetics and skin care products can appear slightly more expensive than their toxic filled counterparts.” Aside from the fact that organic products are more expensive to produce and maintain, the whole concept of “organic” in itself is a business. People see the growing popularity of going green, so they seek to make a profit out of it in every opprtunity that presents itself.

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    I believe they tend to more expensive because for a long time they were selling their products to a small niche of people. Recently, being “green” and “organic” has become more profitable in practically all industries – especially the beauty section. Burt’s Bees has managed to sell their products for a reasonable price in major retail stores – however, they are still not truly organic. Remember, true organic products have the USDA seal. Nowadays, most organic beauty products are not expensive. Consider that Wet N’ Wild has a brand of lip balms for under $2!!!

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    I agree with both people above with the addition that organic and natural products usually don’t have a ton of preservatives and therefore don’t last as long in your fridge or in the bottle. Therefore, more must be produced and it’s more expensive to do so.

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