Why are organic foods god for humans?



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    At the risk of stating the obvious, organic foods contain all the nutrients that we need for health, provided of course you eat a balance diet (e.g. not try to live on organic potatoes alone). Normally they have come from close to hpome or your own garden so the vitamins are still alive as it were, or as they would say in India the prana (life force) is still in them. But far more importantly organic food is NOT HARMFUL as it has been grown with natural fertilizers, and zero pesticides, herbicies or other ..cides…so you are not ingesting what I call poison cocktails along with your delicious food,.

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    Organic foods do not contain any additionally nutrients, but they are grown without the use of potentially harmful pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.  That means you’re not ingesting any extra chemicals along with your meal.

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