Why are Oregon residents opposing Nestlé’s attempt to extract water from a spring near Mount Hood?



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    Nestle plans on drawing water from the Herman Creek Watershed.  This watershed is an important spawning area for salmon and a refuge area for steelhead trout, as well as a popular hiking area.  Nestle claims that the water plant would bring 50 jobs to the area.  However there is no guarantee that these jobs would be available to locals.  Plus, the short term economic gain does not outweigh local concerns about how water levels would permanently impact the flora and fauna of the area. 

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    To understand this you must first understand Oregonians. I am originally from Eugene Oregon, go Ducks, so maybe I can help. The majoirty of the populated cities are very liberal, organic, and opposed to large corporations. While there are plenty of corporations that do exist in Oregon it is important for them to be respectful of nature and the community.

    It is entirely unexceptable in Oregon to pollute or contaminate any land source. Before the clean air act of 1963 or even the Air Pollution act of 1955 Oregon already had two pollution laws in its books. The first pollution law in the country in 1889 was Oregon’s law declaring it illegal to pollute waterways. In 1951 they passed the first Air Pollution laws. These laws aren’t some new era fad, it is a lifestyle of preserving and protecting the earth that stems from generations.

    What Nestle presents to the community is basically a stealing of water for the companies profits. The public views that by just letting in the company, residents will not be given anything in return. There has been no offer to pay taxpayers for the water used by the company. The public views this as stealing from them and the environment.

    The plant will also interrupt flow to a local Oregon Fish and Wildlife Department (OFWD) hatchery. This has caused many people who may not be protesters,  but are avid outdoorsmen, to also stand up and protest.

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