why are okapis hunted



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    Okapis are hunted for their meat, which is sold in cities and towns throughout their native Congo and Africa. So far they seem to be doing relatively well in terms of threat to their populations, but a number of organizations have banded together to help protect their habitat and help set up protections for the species to prevent it from falling prey to habitat loss and poaching.

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    Actually the Okapis is endangered due to loss of habitat and the fact that they sometimes get caught in traps meant for smaller animals.  Since they are endangered, I don’t think it is legal to hunt them.  What I have seen about hunting them discusses hunting them for their meat and their elusiveness.

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    The okapi has a beautiful and distinctive coat and poachers kill the okapi mainly for this rare pelt.  The animal is also hunted for bushmeat, but there are some alternative meat programs being developed by the Okapi Conservation Project which includes domesticating the Cane rat (looks more like a guinea pig really) and breeding them for meat, and creating a fish farming program in a man-made pond.

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    In addition to being sold for their meat, Okapis are hunted by poachers for their skins, which are valuable.  Also, they are hunted by some tribes, which use the Okapi skins as decorative outerwear (especially headbands).

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