Why are obesity rates soaring in so many countries?



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    Until recent times, people had to walk around a lot and do manual labor to get by, keeping them in shape.  But in the modern era, most in developed countries use cars for transport and work jobs that don’t require a lot of motion  -so instead of exercise being a normal part of the day, it’s something we have to work in. Couple this with the rise of very unhealthy foods like soda pop (which contains an obscene amount of sugar, which causes weight gain) and you have a recipe for disaster.  

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    And don’t forget fast food! McDonalds can now be found in 119 different countries, India’s fast food industry by 40% a year, and China has 800 KFCs and 1,000 Pizza Huts.

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    In countries like the US, obesity rates are actually linked to the excessive consumption of meat (especially red meat), dairy, and refined foods. These eating habits are also linked to diabetes, heart disease, and certain types of cancer, and like I said, the correlation is especially prevalent in countries where these types of foods are consumed at a high rate. Ergo, if we were to eat significantly less meat, dairy, and refined foods (i.e. foods containing refined sugar, white flour, hydrogenated oils), then we wouldn’t have such a high rate of obesity. Oh yea, and exercise helps too!!!

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