Why are nuts popular in winter?



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    Perhaps because nuts are easily stored, are high in protein, and are often harvested in the fall. The harvesting period for chestnuts, for instance, is mid-September to late-October; for almonds, it’s from late August to late September.  Nuts can also be easier to harvest (chestnut burrs simply fall from their trees).

    Nuts also have a long, traditional association with winter, especially in the West (Christmas, the Nutcracker, etc). For more information on the traditions of nuts and wintertime, see here.

    A Nutcracker:

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    Just like fruit, trees produce nuts in particular seasons, and for many trees winter is nut season.  Everything tastes better fresh and in season, too.

    • Almonds: August-November
    • Chestnuts: October-December
    • Pecans: September-November
    • Pistachios: September-October
    • Walnuts: November-June
    • *Hazelnut: October
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