Why are natural disasters projected to double by 2100?



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    Because the population will have increased significantly, the impact of even normal rates of natural disasters will be much greater.

    Others also say that thanks to climate change disasters that are climate related – floods, storms, etc., will also increase in number and severity.

    There is no likelihood that other types of disasters, not related to climate change – earthquakes, volcanoes, etc. will change their rate of occurrence.

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    My guess would be that the answer is climate change. Computer modeling dating back to 1999 predicts an 8C rise in temperature in the next hundred years. It is believed that if global warming continues to accelerate, it will catalyze an incremental, but dramatic increase in violent weather activity.

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    Climate change is directly linked to seismic activity and the movement of the tectonic plates. As the ice caps and oceans change in mass through melting, the weight distribution upon the earth’s crust is shifted. This can destabilize the movement of tectonic plates, resulting in increased earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, and other seismic disasters.

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      “Can” have impacts and “do” have impacts are different things. This is mostly speculation and far more research is needed before “direct links” are generally accepted in the geoscience community.

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