Why are native bird species in New Zealand endangered?



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    Invasive predators like the rat (introduced by the Maori people), the possum, domestic cats, humans, etc that did not exist before humans colonized New Zealand around 1000AD have decimated native bird populations. There are efforts to set aside reserves as bird sanctuaries. A good example is Karori Sanctuary just outside of Wellington, NZ.  

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    One of the main reasons the native birds of New Zealand are so endangered is because of how they evolved. Because they live on an island that was isolated from outside species and influence for more than 80 million years, and also because New Zealand has no natural mammalian predators that occur in other ecosystems, many of them evolved into flightless animals, or developed primarily ground-dwelling tendencies. So, when new predatory species such as rats, possums, domestic cats, and even humans suddenly appeared in their environment, these birds were, and still are, particularly susceptible and prone to endangerment.

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