Why are my Blue Spruce trees losing their needles in the middle of the trees? I have four of them, three in the back and one in front all 25 years. The ends of the branches and the tops look fine, could it be the birds that live there? I really don’



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    Start by reading through the Web page below. It’s very-well written and informative. (I just added the whole site to my browser bookmarks, that’s how good it is.)

    The next things are:

    • Talk to your neighbors. Maybe something is affecting theirs, too.
    • Talk to your local nursery. If something is going wrong in your neighborhood, they’ll know about it.
    • Call in a tree specialist company, and get an opinion. If they tell you to chop down the trees, or use very expensive treatments … get ANOTHER opinion. Lol.

    But you’ll note from article below that Blue Spruce are very long-lived, so it’s unlikely they are dying from old age. It’s also unlikely the birds are killing them. Mostly birds help trees, because they poop on the ground, spreading it out all over. That’s much better than a dog doing it, because animal waste concentrated in one place is enough to “poison” that little area of soil, until the next heavy rains. (That’s a big reason why some communities insist owners walking dogs pick up their poop.)

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    Most likey you have a bug infestation. Certain types of beetles, weedles, and other pests can find their way into the thick of trees and feast on it, causing it to look dry and dead in certain parts. It would do you good to maybe search the bark, or even under the bark, for bugs. If it turns out that you do have bugs, try spraying some neem oil. It is organic and shouldn’t hurt the tree or surrounding area. You may also want to do preventative spraying during the year to prevent bug infestation.

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