Why are moths attracted to light?



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    One theory for why moths are attracted to light is because they are considered positively phototaxis. Phototaxis is defined as an organism’s automatic movement away or towards light. To read about other possible causes, visit the link below. Other reasons could be that the artificial light disorients and confuses them due to being stronger than the moon, which serves as the moth’s navigation by referencing it to stay in linear flight.

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    Moths are not actually attracted to light, but use light as a navigation tool.  With a light source like the moon, the moth can fly all night keeping the light on one side (left for example), and it will still be going in one direction.  With a lightbulb, however, the moth will have to turn to the left to keep the light in the same spot.  The moth continues to turn left around the bulb in smaller and smaller circles until its bumping right into it.

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