Why are most re-usable water bottles made with small necks that make them difficult to clean?



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    Hard to say.  It could be in an effort to reduce size therefore saving extra, unneeded plastic and making the bottle more eco-friendly.  It could purely be an aesthetic thing in that the designers feel bottles with smaller necks are more visually appealing.  It could also be for logistics in that designers think that people want to drink out of smaller shaped necks so that they don’t spill it down their frontside.  In fact, many bottles that have larger necks (Nalgene comes to mind) have since created inserts that fit inside the neck of the bottle to make the drinking spout smaller and therefore decreasing the chances that the liquid will go cascading down your neck and chest. 

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    I agree with rn4fldhcky, I have a Nalgene water bottle with the big opening and spill on myself pretty frequently.  The bottle is easier to clean but the spilling is inconvenient.  As a consumer you have to make the choice if you want a mouthpiece that’s easy to drink out of, or a mouthpiece big enough to clean to the bottle.  Nalgene makes both designs if you’re looking for a bigger mouth hole.

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