Why are most green videos online so corny?



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    Green videos are typically meant to provide a message, and typically need to appeal to the emotional part of the viewer. By making it personal, the viewer may feel responsible, and perhaps even guilt when they see what is becoming of the environment. As humans do not like such feelings, they try to find a way to make it go away, and thus might try to live more sustainably – the ultimate goal of such videos.

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    Agreed. Also, the people making such videos often don’t have a background in entertainment so much as a background in ecology or, especially, politics, which is where the playing into viewers’ emotions comes in. This can work on some people, while others may not be affected in the way the video producers had intended.

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    I tend to find the “fictional” environmental films corny.  I think the reason this happens is that the filmmakers want to make the film appeal to a larger audience, so they attempt to disguise it as something else.  Rather than just giving the facts in, perhaps, a documentary format, they try to have an outside story that contains the facts – although clearly those facts are the reason it is being shot in the first place.  It can seem corny because the dialogue is so clearly slanted towards the cause; what isn’t directly about the environmental issue is incidental and unimportant, and (to me) it always feels like the writer is trying too hard to make me relate to characters who are archetypal beyond believability.  I’d rather just learn something without the extra padding.

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