Why are most females in the wild larger than the males?



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    One reason that they can be larger than males is because females will have to have to bear large offspring or a large amount of offspring, while males are not capable of physically bearing offspring. In general, differences between males and females occur in order for a species to utilize a wider variety of ecological niches and resources.

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    This is specifically a form of Sexual Dimorphism–when one gender of a species is vastly enough different from the other gender.  This doesn’t just include size, it also includes color, fur/feather patterns, horn/tusk growth, and several other traits.  For instance, most male mammals are still larger than female mammals, but females usually have wider hips in order to cradle offspring birth.

    Male lions are larger, and grow manes; lionesses do not grow manes.

    Male elk grow horns; females do not.

    Male elephant seals are larger, and grow elongated snouts to flair whilst fighting for territory.

    The list goes on and on.

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