Why are most eco friendly products more expensive than the product they are trying to replace?



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    The main reason companies produce products using non-eco-friendly materials or procedures is because they are cheaper, which is reflected in the price of the finished product. For example, if you get eco-friendly coffee, chances are it was grown without the use of pesticides. Companies use pesticides in the first place because the chemicals ensure that more of the crop stays alive to sell, thereby saving the company money, and resulting in a cheaper product. If a higher percent of a crop dies because no pesticides were used, the company has to make up the loss in the price of the product, and so your eco-friendly coffee is more expensive. 

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    There are several reasons why eco-friendly products are more expensive with one of them being quality. The products you normally buy are made overseas in cheap factories and quickly shipped over to where they are sold, whereas sustainable producers generally put more effort into what they are making and have them made in America in order to cut down on carbon emissions needed to ship and transport them. Another reason is due to economic competition. Because there are so few eco-friendly products on the market, competition is less fierce and prices can be kept higher- this is simply a matter of supply and demand pricing.

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    Eco-friendly products require the use of higher quality ingredients. Consumers must be aware that when purchasing eco-friendly products they are buying into the longevity of their health and the health of the environment in which they live. For some the high price of a better quality product is worth the amount of benefits you will be reaping in the future.

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    In addition, eco friendly products are not produced on the same scale as conventional products. Smaller amounts are usually manufactured, bringing up the price per good produced. 

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