Why are more rhinos dying now than ever before?



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    Numbers had begun to increase for the rhino population over the past decade, however,  in the past few years poachers are slaughtering rhinos with increased vegenance to the tune of 333 rhinos dead in southern Africa last year, and the kill rate has accelerated again this year.  The reason is globalization making people richer, who have been seling rhino horns to be used in traditional medicine in China and Vietnam for centuries, but most recently an Asian elite has begun paying a huge amount for rhino horns, which has sparked an international poaching mafia to satisfy demand.

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    Poaching is a pressing concern in terms of the declining rhino population. Many of the African countries were rhinos live do not have sufficient resources to adaquetly protect rhinos from poachers. Since the rhino horn is a valuable commodity that can garner a significant amount of money, many natives do not see any reason for not poaching the rhino’s horn and selling it for a sizeable profit. 

    Deteriorating habitats also contribute significantly to the decline in rhino population. 

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