Why are more people starting to drive in India and China?



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    There are probably many reasons why more people are beginning to drive in developing nations, and I’m sure each person has his or her own reason. Generally, as nations like China and India grow and prosper, citizens also begin to prosper and begin to seek the same kinds of life comforts as other prosperous nations, i.e. the freedom that comes with a car. Another reason may be the fact that as urban centers grow, so do the suburbs surrounding the city; as is typical with urban sprawl, options for public transportation are limited on the outskirts of cities and commuting by car is often necessary. People living in suburbs are also typically higher-income than those living in dense city centers, and are therefore able to afford cars more readily than apartment-dwellers. Furthermore, cars, especially fuel-efficient cars, are becoming cheaper to buy as time goes on meaning more people can afford them.

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