Why are methane levels rising so much?



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    The rise in methane levels is attributed to both natural and manmade sources. natural sources include decomposition of organic matter in wetlands, anaerobic respiration in water bodies. manmade sources include livestock production, decomposition of wastes in landfills, production, transportation and consumption of natural gas. The rapid rise is mainly due to increase in livestock production because of the growing demand for meat and natural gas industrial processes because of the growing demand for natural gas worldwide.

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    The largest human cause of methane is animal agriculture. the meat industry is a HUGE contributor to global warming. Methane is 25X stronger than CO2, so it gets to be pretty serious.
    The amount of natural resources needed to produce meat is increasingly unsustainable. Especially with the factory farms we have these days, they’re absolutely sick. Animal agriculture contributes more greenhouse gasses than the transportation sector- as in more than every single car, truck, air plane, boat, trian, ship, in the entire world- COMBINED.

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