Why are man made gemstones better for the enviorment

I need more details and links to answers as we are doing a science fair project for school and are making home made geodes.
The science fair theme is how science can solve a problem in todays life.
We picked man made gems and solving eco problems as our theme and need info to back it up.
We are using our geodes as just a fun demo and also using a comuter usb microscope for fun.
We need scientific info for the theme and to write a report that will keep the judges interested.



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    I recommend you do some research on Blood Diamonds. Natural diamonds are often mined in “open mines” which involve using explosives to blow up the soil to find compressed diamonds underneath. This is obviously bad for the environment, but very bad for the people who harvest these diamonds. Many people in 3rd world countries lose their lives while harvesting diamonds.  

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    Basically, mining is a really destructive process to the environment, so making carbon or corundum crystals in a lab might use a ton of energy, but it doesn’t produce toxic mine tailings to the local water supply.

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    Man-made gemstones aka synthetic gemstones are so similar to natural gemstones, that it is very difficult to differentiate them.  Synthetic gemstones are not to be confused with simulants, which are not at all similar in their chemical structure to real gemstones.  For example, synthetic diamonds are identitical to real diamonds in their chemical makeup, but cubic zirconias (which are often used in costume jewelry) are made from completely different materials than real diamonds – they are just made in such a way that they look similar.  Synthetic gemstones are much more Earth-friendly because human intervention is not needed in order to obtain them.  Instead, everything takes place in the lab.  There are so many environmental hazards caused by mining that this is a much greener way to satisfy the world’s demands for gemstones.  Please refer to the attached links for more information.

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