why are man made gemstones better for the enviorment



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    Man made gemstones are better for the environment bcause the stones are made synthetically in a lab.  Mining in general has all sorts of environmental impacts.  Waste water and rock containing dangerous minerals are removed, lowing inot rivers and harming the surroundings.  Not to mention the air and noise pollution disturbing local wildlife.

    Man made gemstones do not require heavy mining, and therefore do not have the same impact.

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    While energy-intensive, artificial gems are better for the environment because they eliminated mining. Mining is a frankly appealing for the local environment. There are ways to minimize damage but it’s still a major problem.

    The list of environmental problems from mining could be an entire college thesis but here is a short list:

    -Disposing of poisonous by-products

    -Loss of habitat due to open-pit mines

    -Acidic runoff from inside mine


    Artificial gems don’t require invasive mining to get nearly the same result and are therefore much better for the environment.


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