Why are lizards so affected by climate change?



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    Lizards are hugely affected by climate change because they are cold blooded. What this means is that they can not control their body temperature, it is directly affected by the temperature of the area they are in. Lizards will sit in the warm sun to warm their blood up so that they can get moving. Most lizards have found a particular niche in the world that’s temperature is just right for them, not too hot or cold. So if those temperatures change, lizards could have a hard time staying cool. 

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    All cold blooded animals are greatly affected by climate change, due to their dependency on the sun for warmth. Unlike humans and other warm blooded mammals that generate their own body heat, reptiles and other amphibians must lie in the sun. If the heat is too hot or not enough, the lizard may overheat or suffer from a variation of hypothermia. 

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