Why are Ligers so rare? I read that a zoo in Taiwan recently had a liger birth. Is it really possible that the zookeepers were unaware that the lion and tiger were mating?



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    I liger is a combination of a male lion and female tiger. Since Tigers are found in exclusively in Asia while Lions are mainly in Africa and India, it’s rare the two will meet. A tiger would have to travel extensively to come into contact with a tiger in order to mate.

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    Ligers are rare because they simply do not exist in the wild–as the person said above, the two species that need to meet to breed them live on different continents. They also often suffer from a variety of genetic disorders (although they are more likely to survive than tiglons, the product of a male tiger and a lioness). However, they are impressive animals; reckoned to be the largest great cats in the world. As for how the Taiwanese zookeepers could have accidentally bred those liger cubs, one of them, Huang Kuo-nan, is undergoing an investigation for possibly illegally breeding ligers, even though he alleges he didn’t force their parents to mate.

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