Why are LED lights better for the environment?



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    Simply, LED lights are better for the environment because they are more energy-efficient and last longer, producing less waste. Compared to a regular incandescent light bulb, LED lights are four times more efficient, last ten times as long, and use 50-80% less energy (1). In its lifetime, a single LED light can save 570 kilo-Watt hours of energy. LED lights are also cleaner than incandescent bulbs, emitting less carbon dioxide, sulfur oxide, and nuclear waste into the environment. It’s a very easy way to help the environment. If every household in the United States switched to LED lights, then an estimated 90 powerplants could be shut down. As a bonus, though LED lights cost more than incandescent bulbs to buy, they ultimately save money because of their energy-efficiency.

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      1. LEDS have lead and arsenic content issues
      LEDs: The Lead and Arsenic Issue
      Lead, arsenic and other toxic content, home breakage and disposal concerns

      2. “If every household in the United States switched to LED lights, then an estimated 90 powerplants could be shut down”
      No, switching lights does not save any power plants, regardless of savings amount.
      This has to do with the nature of power plant usage, with a main constant base load of electricity http://ceolas.net/#li172x

      3. Switching lights is not just about saving energy and money
      All lights have their usage characteristics and advantages

      “Switch all your lights and save lots of energy and money”
      for average 45-light US households (and similar high numbers elsewhere) with different lighting conditions, is like saying
      “Eat only bananas and save lots of money!”

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      1. I don’t doubt that LEDs also have problems. However, incandescent bulbs waste more energy, which is a serious consideration. Given the choice between LED lights and incandescent lightbulbs, I would pick the lesser of two evils.

      2. That’s not a statistic I made up. If you would like to argue with that, then take it up with the source author.

      3. Sure, they do. But I’d say saving energy and money is a big concern for most American households picking which lights to use. Besides, LED lights aren’t all the same. They come in different sizes, shapes, colors etc. http://www.theledlight.com/

      4. I really don’t see the connection between using LED lights and eating only one food. Transitioning to LEDs is much less harmful and limiting than eating only “bananas”. Sure, some households might not save that much from switching over. But others stand to save a lot. A quick Google search can give you a slew of statistics on how much the average American household can save.

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    LED lights are the superior choice for lighting in 2012. They are far more energy efficient and provide excellent return on investment.

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