Why are insects attracted to light?

Why are insects attracted to light?
what is engineering?
as he is engineerig student what he should know minimum?



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    On any given night, hundreds of moths, flies and other insects can be seen making endless circles around street lamps and porch lights. This may seem like a exercise in futility or further proof that insects are not the sharpest tools in nature’s shed, but there are actually several theories on why insects attracted to light make such nightly pilgrimages. There is no single scientific explanation for this behavior, however.

    Not all insects attracted to light act on those impulses. For some insects, a bright light source is seen as a emergency beacon. When in doubt, they will instinctively head for the light, which is generally higher than their current danger-filled position. Moving towards the dark would be seen as a move downward, which can be even worse than not moving at all. Light for some insects could be viewed in the same way as air bubbles pointing the way up to the surface for other creatures.

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