Why are hybrids so much better for the environment?



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    There is much discussion about hybids and their environmental merits, because though in the here and now they are wonderful, use less gasoline by using battery power, these batteries will need to be disposed of. But where? and How?

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    Consider the hybrid a gateway to the electric car, which will help cut emissions related to travel. Hybrids are among the cheapest ways for car manufacturers to produce vehicles that get better gas mileage while producing far fewer emissions. In fact, hybrids can run on electric-only power. Depending on the make and model, some are able to do so for a particular number of miles and others can do so up to a certain speed. When those limits are exceeded the vehicle’s gas or diesel engine then kicks in to either to support the electric engine or take over. The engine and regenerative braking also help to recharge the vehicle’s batteries. 

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