Why are honey bees becoming susceptible to new viruses?



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    Though scientific studies are not completely sure why bees are so susceptible to acute bee paralysis virus (ABPV) and Israel acute paralysis virus (IAPV), speculation believes that bees have bred a genetic weakness into their DNA over the span of hundreds of thousands of years. Additionally, pathogens created by pollutants and pesticides and spread by parasites may play a role in the infection and dissemination of the bee viruses.

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    I work for an Argentine beekeeper, Oscar Perone, who is well known throughout South America and has been beekeeping since the 1960s.   Oscar’s dedicated his life to saving the bees by developing beehives that mimic the hives they use in nature.  There are several things about conventional beekeeping that he believes are weakening the bees’ immune systems.  1.  Beekeepers are feeding bees a diet of sugar and jam, which have zero nutritional value.  Beekeepers take the bees’ honey, which is their food supply in nature.   2.  The Langstroth hive which is most commonly used in commercial beekeeping is too small for the bees.  In nature, bees need a taller space so they can store honey above the nest.  3.  Beekeepers use panels with wires and stamped wax.  The stamped wax is not really wax, but a synthetic material that is poisonous to the bees and furthermore takes away their means of extracting their own waste.  In nature, bees excrete wax and then use it to build.   Insecticides can also be found in the paints used to waterproof most beehives.  4.  When most beekeepers harvest honey because of the design of the Langstroth hive, they are disturbing the bees’ nest and causing them great stress, another thing that’s lowering their immune systems.  Bees need peace to be healthy.  Furthermore, it doesn’t help bees if they are boxed up and placed into trucks to drive across the country and pollinate almond trees or other plants, an annual occurrence which is how American beekeepers make the majority of  their money.  

    Bees have been around for tens of millions of years and in that time they’ve developed and perfected their techniques.   Oscar’s developed a system of beekeeping that works in harmony with these techniques rather than going against them.  I’ll put his website down under this post, but right now it’s only in Spanish.   We have recently formed a foundation called “Save the Bees” and are working on a website in English.  

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