Why are gulf coast residents still getting sick?



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    Though the spill occured many months ago, and the well was plugged, the effects from the spill still effect the environment. Residents continue to get sick due to their exposure to toxic chemicals, such as Corexit, used to clean up the spill, as well oil that continues to wash ashore. The air, water, and seafood in the Gulf Coast has not returned to its original quality, and has been exposed to chemicals. Some people have had their blood tested for chemicals, and those blood tests have been positive. So, the simple answer is that the chemicals from the spill and its cleanup remain in the environment.

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    The chemicals in the oil and those that were used to help clean up (the dispersants) are known to cause many health problems such as:
    headaches, anusea, vomiting, kidney damage, lung damage, cancer, confusion, and many others.  

    Testing of exposed individuals, done by Dr. Soto, a medical doctor in Florida, has shown high levels of oil-related chemicals in their bloodstream.

    A commision was appointed by the President and they have released their final report after a six month investigation.  The report recommended a massive overhaul of the oil industry, as well as creating a new independent agency to monitor offshore drilling.  What it didn’t address was the health issues.  Additionally the U.S. government agencies – EPA, Food and Drug Administration, national Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the President himself have declared the gulf of Mexico, its waters, beaches and seafood – safe and open to the public.

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