Why are green house gases so bad for the environment?



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    The Green House Effect (GHE) has created a balance in the atmosphere that allows life on the ground to stay between temperatures that humans have adjusted to. The GHE is natural and if it did not exist Earth would be a very cold place.

    When you increase the amount of gasses in the atmosphere that participate in the GHE you increase the temperature on Earth. By increasing the temperature you make a change in the vast interconnected web of ecosystems.

    When the temperature increases the ice on the planet begins to melt, this releases methane which is a powerful green house gas and contributes further to global warming. Melting ice finds its way into the ocean causing the tides to rise sinking parts of dry land that are very valuable to humans; like the low lying country of Bangladesh, the city of New York, the city of San Francisco, etc.

    Increasing the temperature changes the habitat for plants, animals and insects. Insects that carry diseases have expanded habitat and can infect even more humans. Animals and plants find their homes uninhabitable and must move or become extinct.

    Weather patterns change due to global warming which increases droughts and brings rain to places unaccustomed to a lot of precipitation.

    Some good changes will occur, but overall there will be negative consequences.

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