Why are glaciers melting so fast?



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    As I recall science class in my elementary school days, the melting of glaciers is completely normal. Particular populations throughout the world depend on the freshwater that comes from the glaciers for sustenance. Without this, they would be at a severe loss because they use the glacier water for irrigation and electricity production above all else. However, glaciers are melting fasting today due to what else, but global warming. Once again, global warming is causing another problem. The rapid cut down of fossil fuels and the slow, but sure rising global temperature is becoming more and more of a predicament as the days pass. Despite all the troubles we face from global warming, its effect on glaciers may be one of the worst to look out for. Those living in close proximity to the glaciers could be in danger when their towns are flooded and completely wiped out. After that, lands will be dried up. Essentially, this will force numerous individuals to relocate. 

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    Glaciers do melt on a regular basis. What everyone is worried about is the rate at which the glaciers are melting now. They are melting now because the average temperature is rising. When the temperature rises, the ice melts faster. When the ice melts, the water gets into the little cracks and crevices in the glacier, and refreezes. When the melted water refreezes, it expands and cracks the glacier more. The smaller pieces of the glacier break off and melt more easily, especially when the temperature is rising.

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