Why are girls in my school soo Bitchie?

ohh i go to a public school



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    Three answers, all of which you need to think about.

    1) Human emotions are the last thing in the brain to mature, and this doesn’t happen until mid-30s. That means those girls are in a literal sense immature. They are not acting emotionally the way they will be when they are completely grown and in control. As with any immature animal (even yourself, you know!) you need to be tolerant of weaknesses that young animals cannot help.

    2) Social pecking order. Although there are many good things to be said about cooperation, some aspects of life are a competition. For example, here’s a fair chance that girls will marry guys at your school, and there is a competition for the boys that are perceived to be more handsome, sexy, rich, talented, etc. Being “bitchy” is a form of aggression, where those girls are, simply put, trying to eliminate competition.

    3) Very many people are either mentally ill or on major drugs. It’s something like 1-in-5 Americans. So if there are 50 girls at your school, chances are 10 of them are mental or on drugs. That may be a big source of satisfaction to you, but get smart. Some mental problems are NOT curable with current medicine.

    I have had to deal all my life with someone with a Borderline Personality Disorder. If you met her casually, even went to school with her, you might not be able to tell there was a problem. She’s not dangerous to other people, but she is extremely difficult to deal with in some situations. Moreover, one of the characteristics of this particular problem is that the person themself absolutely refuses to believe they have a problem — even when diagnosed by doctors.

    So the morals of the story are: Learn about yourself, don’t assume other people are acting rationally, and have compassion for others. (And you might think about how to compete effectively for the boys/girls you are interested in!)

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