Why are four-cylinder car engines becoming so popular?



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    Four-cylinder car engines are very sustainable because of energy efficiency. The mpg on a four cylinder is of course very high respective to a six-cylinder engine. This will in turn effect people’s wallets when pumping gas and in oil changes along with other maintenance. Another thought is the idea of an in-line 5-cylinder engine which I have heard to be quite efficient, sometimes even more so than a four-cylinder. Another variable effecting a four cylinder engine can be how many liters of an air-fuel mixture the engine holds for compustion. For example a 4-cyl 2.0L may have better gas efficiency than a 4-cyl 1.8L because of the larger area for combustion. They sometimes go and-in-hand.

    I have owned numerous four cylinder engines and have realized that with little modifications they can save me even more in energy and maintenance costs and not compromise the response time. I now have a 4-cyl 2.0 and it’s much more energy efficient than a 4-cyl 1.8 I once owned but that could be because of some slight modifications on both vehicles.

    In sum, its because of the effect on the buyers wallet.

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