Why are the Everglades so important?



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    The Everglades are important for many reasons. They are home to many animals (like alligators, crocodiles, the rare and endangered Florida panther, and some even say that bigfoot lives there, but that is a whole different topic…) 

    They are also like a giant filter. Mangroves and river grasses act as a huge filtration system.  They suck out all the bad stuff in the water and make it nice and clean.  This is one of the reasons why the water in the Keys and stuff is so clear.  

    the Everglades are a rare ecosystem with a lot of importance to the world!  So they are SUPER important! 


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    The Everglades is commonly referred to as an American national treasure, an unique area vital as a refuge to storks, alligators, panthers, and other wildlife. They also serves important functions such as flood control, water filtering as well as providing wildlife habitat. The Everglades is unique among the world’s largest wetlands because it derives most of its water from rainfall. 

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    The Everglades are very important. They provide a natural filtering system for all of southern Florida. They also provide much habitat for wildlife, including a lot of species of birds.

    The Everglades have suffered a lot because areas have been drained to build houses and businesses. Efforts are being made to restore them.

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