Why are European cities restricting cars?



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    According to European legistation from European Commission, the activities of the Commission’s competition department in the anti-trust field involve the application of Articles 101, 102, and 103 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. The motor vehicle sector also has its own “block exemption” regulation, This is a safe harbour that exempts a whole category of motor vehicle distribution and repair agreements from the prohibition laid down in Article 101(1).Agreements can benefit from the block exemption so long as they do not contain any serious restrictions of competition and meet the other conditions laid down by the Regulation. The task of the Commission’s competition department is to monitor the effects of this Regulation on the relevant markets and to provide appropriate guidance on its interpretation to those interested. It does so in close liaison with the competition authorities of the Member States.

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    I think a lot of European cities are restricting cars because they are focusing on improving or maintaining quality of life. A lot of European cities have realized that cars, though convenient and important to life, could be dangerous near residential areas and schools if not controlled, make life stressful and more quick-paced, cause local noise and air pollution, make people less active and reduce friendliness among community. European cities want to reduce their carbon footprint and impact to the environment. To them, it is better to make their cities more compact and walkable, so people can enjoy their lives more. 

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