Why are ereaders doing so well?



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    In my experience, they have made the reading process more convenient. It is easy, and also cheaper, to buy ebooks, especially while traveling. When going on a long trip, it is difficult to carry around four or five books in your suitcase. With an ereader, you can have thousands of books on one tiny device. Buying books is easier as well. With your credit card stored, it only takes a minute to select a book, download it, and start reading. 

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    My humble opinion is that E-readers are awesome! We all know that they reduce the use of paper, but they’re also cool in their technological capacity. The Kindle is Amazon’s #1 bestseller. It holds up to 3500 books, and allows you to download a book in about a minute. Newer models have web-surfing capacities. Readers have 810,000 books to choose from. I don’t personally support any particular model, so be sure and check them all out yourself – we gave a couple different brands of e-readers to members of the family this holiday, and they were great hits! Check out the Nook too, and compare with whatever other brands you find.

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    Revolutionizing our reading habits, ereaders are more convenient, more environmentally friendly, and ultimately, more wallet-friendly. With books going digital, less paper is needed to print them, meaning that fewer trees are used in the process. Plus, consider the convenience of carrying thousands of books at your fingertips, rather than lugging around several heavy printed copies. Their light and sleek design makes ereaders more ergonomic than traditional books. Though staring at small print on a lit screen may pose a hazard for eyes, ereaders are currently being designed to reduce these health risks, allowing consumers to expand texts and change screen lighting options.

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    The reason that E-readers are doing so well is all personal preference. If people like to read and not carry around heavy books, the E-readers are very convenient. I personally like the feel of a real book, but it is everyone’s own opinion. They are very handy and can be very useful instead of carrying a bunch of books around. You can get magazines, newspapers, textbooks and fiction books all on one device.

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    One important reason that e-readers are doing well that hasn’t been mentioned yet is that we are in the age of technology. If something can be made technological, it will be. Americans especially like things digitalized, pocket sized, thinner, smaller, sleeker. The e-readers have been made stylish (look at how many different ways you can “dress” your e-reader) and trendy, causing the literary, tech, trendy crowd all to buy into it. That said, a lot of books are free on ereaders (anything published during or before the 19th century like Dickens or Austen).

    The e-reader also has health benefits. For example, the ereader makes it a lot easier to practice healthy postures while reading for long periods of times, something especially important if you have neck or back problems. It also keeps people from straining their eyes and allows people with impaired vision to enjoy any book available on the ereader, instead of being constrained to the large print section of a bookstore/library, which is generally small.

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