Why are environmental toxins harmful?



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    One of the most common concerns with regard to environmental toxins is the detrimental effects on human health. 

    “The American Cancer Society estimates that about 6% of cancer deaths — nearly 34,000 a year — are caused by environmental pollutants.”

    Additionally, fetal development is more likely to be negatively impacted by these toxins.  These toxins often mimic or interfere with endocrine pathways of the mother, further interfering with the development of the fetus.

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    Additionally, environmental toxins can be responsible for habitat degradation and can threaten biodiversity in affected regions.  

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    Some environmental toxins such as mercury are naturally occurring, but due to human involvement, have become concentrated in some areas.  Mercury poisoning in fish is of note because of the human high consumption rate.  It can harm the lungs and damage the immune system, among other symptoms.  It is also detrimental to the natural world, reducing fish and other aquatic animal’s populations.

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