Why are electric cars so expensive?



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    Electric cars are so expensive because at this point they cost a lot more to produce than regular gas powered cars.  The technology is still in development, so manufacturers need to charge more so that they get some sort of return on their technology investment, plus the materials are more expensive because there are less materials produced.  Once electric cars become more popular and the demand increases, the materials will drop in prices as more people are willing to supply them in bulk.  Until then, they’ll certainly be more expensive than regular cars.

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    Electric cars are also more expensive to make because the car companies don’t have any lucrative deals with green industries that help provide the materials for their electric vehicles.  The car industry is still very much in bed with the oil and gas industry.  It is much more profitable now for the car companies to stay with the status quo.  Also, the batteries for electric cars are extremely expensive.  A good electric car needs a high powered lithium battery that can take a person the same distance on one charge that a gas powered car would.  Though it might take a while for electric cars/green cars to become mainstream, consumer demand is steadily turning against gas guzzling SUVs and towards more efficient electric vehicles.  

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    Depends on how you define expensive.

    If you dont have enough money to buy something, then anything can be ” so expensive “.

    You also seem to be referring only to the purchase cost.  not the long term operating costs that are far lower than a gas machine.

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