Why are earthquakes that happen in the ocean so much worse than those that happen on land?



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    Earthquakes that happen in the ocean aren’t generally more destructive than those on land, but, because they cause such terrifying effects (a Tsunami, for example), they appear more devestating. Tsunami’s occur when an earthquake happens along a coastal fault line. Earthquakes that occur beneath the ocean floor produce waves that average 450 miles per hour out in the open ocean, but that reduce speed considerably by the time they reach the shore. The areas effected most by Tsumani’s are less than 25 feet below sea level and about up to a mile inland. Wave sizes range from anywhere between 100 feet in height, to a mere (in comparison!) 20 feet; however, each wave has the same devestating effect if proper procedures are not followed. Earthquakes that occur in the ocean are also responsible for the birth of volcanos as well as any subsequent volcanic activity.

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