Why are donkeys such good pack animals?



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    Using animals for transportation is obviously something that has been done for thousands of years, and are still valuable where the terrain is too rugged for vehicles. Donkeys in particular are one of the frequently selected animals for packing for the following reasons:

    1. Due to their relative cost effectiveness compared to other animals. They are cheaper than horses and other draught animals
    2. Apparently pack saddles can be cheaper for donkeys as well.
    3. They are mildly tempered, meaning they make good pets in addition to work animals (they are cited as the world’s most lovable and trusted pack animal)
    4. They are easily trained
    5. They take less feed than a mule and/or a horse
    6. And less space for the same.

    Of course, some of the above can apply to horses or other animals as well (e.g. easy to train), but the donkey seems to be a fairly reliable and cheap means, as compared to other animals, for transporting goods.

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    Donkeys are such because they are so made by nature. Donkey is one of the many in this group. Horses, camels etc. belong to this group and are known as beasts of burden.

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