Why are donkeys such good pack animals?



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    Donkeys can carry 20%-30% of their own body weight without much effort. They are intelligent and also smaller and more durable than horses.

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    Donkeys can not only carry a heavy load, but they can carry tools, supplies and other items that can disturb or “spool” a horse or other animals.  They are sociable and adapt to humans easily, even following them without ropes. 

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    In addition to being able to carry a lot, donkeys can survive hot, dry climates with little food or water. They have the strength and endurance of horses, without their nervous tendencies. Donkeys can double their role as a guard animals for sheep, goats, and cattle. They are durable, and are capable of living very long lives.

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    They can breed with horses, if necessary, though the offspring will be sterile. They have also been used as battle field “ambulances” to carry the wounded. I couldn’t find proof, but I would guess (at least traditionally) that donkeys were cheaper than horses.

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